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The Power of Calm

Identify the effects of stress on health and performance

… and understand how it can be addressed.

(5 hours)

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The Power of Calm

The Power of Calm E-course is designed to change the way you think about stress and equip you with the perspectives and skills to identify when it is acting as a barrier to health, wellbeing and performance outcomes.

The course will help you better understand:

  • The physiology of the stress response and its symptoms.
  • The link between stress and many common health and performance issues.
  • The simple science behind effective stress reduction protocols.

This course is designed to educate health & fitness practitioners, teachers, coaches and individuals looking to better understand how stress can affect health and performance outcomes for both yourselves and those in your care.

Approved for Continuing education credits by:

“The power of calm is an excellent program. It is a well designed, easily accessible tool for stress management. I use it personally and recommend it to my patients.”

Dr. Jordana Rockman

“…Changing the way you think about and deal with stress can be life changing. The Power of Calm module is an invaluable resource towards achieving this goal.”

Ward Brady, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus – Biological Sciences. Dr. Brady has dedicated much of his distinguished academic career to the area of biological sciences. He spent thirty-eight years as a professor at the Arizona State University where he served as the founding chair of the Department of Applied Biological Sciences.

“As a driven entrepreneur, CEO, and coach to many successful health and fitness business owners across the world… I see the negative affects of stress taking their toll on too many every single day. That’s why I’m in full support of the Power of Calm program. It will give you strategies and education to perform at your best for yourself and others. If you’re in the health and fitness industry and not using this module for yourself or your clients yet, don’t delay. Get on it!”

Sean Greeley – CEO NPE


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  • Introduction  0/2

    • Foreword
    • Introduction
  • Module 1 - WHAT is stress?  0/3

    • Video – Introduction to the physiology of stress
    • Understanding stress physiology
    • Knowledge assessment quiz
  • Module 2 - WHY stress matters  0/3

    • Video – WHY stress matters to health, well being and performance outcomes
    • Identifying stress symptoms and their effects
    • Knowledge assessment quiz
  • Module 3 - HOW to address stress  0/4

    • Video – Introduction – HOW to address stress
    • Perspectives, skills, and strategies for stress reduction
    • Knowledge assessment quiz
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